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Everything I find interesting

Probably WIP updates for the most part.

Open Baffle

Other Stuff Posted on Thu, December 07, 2017 21:25:03

Se her fættersmiley

Getting back into the hobby

Works In Progress Posted on Wed, February 03, 2016 13:55:51

I’ve finaly started on doing physical models again… I found the Eagle from Space 1999 and in the process I found this sub, for a bargain.

Anyway… here’re some pics of the process.

My Trek Ship

Works In Progress Posted on Sun, April 20, 2014 02:34:10

Still at it on my 6th attempt at trek design. Go check out some renders in the gallery.


Works In Progress Posted on Sun, March 16, 2014 17:24:00

Still fidling with this homepage, tho I’m going at a really slow rate. Latest updates here are the new BSGR stuff. But those are mostly very crude conceptsketches. I have no Idea if I’m ever gonna use a blog or not, but who knows! Time will tell.